Pass The Next Test

The hair drug test is one of the most difficult drug tests to pass. Also known as a follicle drug test, this type of test is commonly used to test for drugs in incarcerated individuals. However, due to its high accuracy and reliability, it is not surprising to find this kind of test being done for pre-employment purposes, for cause testing, random testing, testing after an accident and return-to-work testing. Read on to know more.

What is a follicle drug test?

A follicle drug test is a test for the presence of prohibited drugs by testing a hair sample. This test is impossible to fake and very hard to cheat. Results from this type of test can be made available after just three days.

This test can also be used to show a history of substance abuse because hair follicles tend to contain traces of substances that have already been metabolized by the rest of the body.

Any chemical substance, whether illegal or not, taken in within the last three months, can be found through a hair follicle drug test. Traces of any chemical substance that has been ingested goes to the bloodstream and then delivered to different parts of the body, including the scalp and hair follicles. As the follicle grows, specific portions of the shaft will contain traces of that substance.

How the Test Is Done

Hair follicle drug tests are done in special clinics usually under the supervision of a law enforcement officer. The examiner will remove a few strands of hair, cutting close to the base to get the best sample which is usually one and a half inch long. The sample is then sent to the lab where it is tested.

Can You Beat a Hair Drug Test?

This test is notoriously hard to cheat but there are a few ways to pass it or raise your chances of doing so. You can avoid using any banned substance for 110 days to ensure that your hair strands are drug-free by the time you are tested. However, this may not work well for on-the-spot drug testing.

You can also shave the hair on your head and skin but this could raise suspicion that you are hiding something. Law enforcement officers can also request a urine specimen if a hair follicle test cannot be done.

Hair Detoxification Shampoos: Do They Work?

Another alternative would be to use hair detox shampoos. These are formulated to strip the hair strands from any traces of chemicals, including banned substances and help you pass your drug test with flying colors. Hair detox shampoos work by coating each strand with a thick organic layer. Once the sample strand is exposed to laboratory testing chemicals, the hair breaks down and the organic layer mixes with whatever chemicals were trapped inside the strands, making the chemicals from the hair.

Of course, the chances of passing any drug test with shampoo can be increased if you start using the shampoo a few days or even weeks before the exam. It is also best to follow instructions to the letter. Most shampoos require users to leave the shampoo on for a few minutes to let the shampoo ingredients do their work. You can also apply heat to your hair prior to using the shampoo. The heat opens up the hair cuticles, which can make penetration of the shampoo’s ingredients easier.

Benefits of Using Hair Detox Shampoo

A hair detox shampoo is meant to remove all traces of chemicals and dirt without hurting your scalp or hair. It cleanses and clarifies, eliminating grime and product residue while conditioning the hair. As a result, you get to enjoy bouncy, shiny and full hair. Most detox shampoos are also safe for color treated hair and weightless conditioning ingredients to keep the strands moisturized and to reduce breakage. Just like other shampoos, you can find detox shampoos formulated for various types of hair issues, such as dry, limp, coarse or curly hair.

Why You Need a Hair Follicle Drug Shampoo

Drug tests are important. They are useful for determining whether a person is suited for a job, helps people with abuse problems get identified so they can obtain help, and helps prevent drug addicts from putting other people in danger. There are highly-stressful jobs that may push people working on them to turn to drugs to relieve the tension. Drug testing, especially reliable methods, are extremely helpful in keeping these employees in line.

However, we also know that recreational substance use may be frowned upon by an employer and you would not want to risk an entire career after a few hours of harmless fun. Products like hair detox shampoos can remove all traces of oil, dirt, and chemicals that not only restore the natural shine and bounce of your hair, they also keep you safe from an on-the-spot drug test. Visit to get started on your hair detox today.