Can’t Cloak

Be prepared to be shocked when you search online for 2017 review – does this product work? You will find details of websites selling different types of performance boosting drugs in the search engine results page. Quite a few such websites, promoting such drugs, claim that you can pass the anti doping test as traces of their drugs does not remain in your system for more than a couple of days. Remember, drug testing has evolved quite a lot since anti doping specialists first used special tests to determine the presence of drugs in the body in the mid-1960s. Regardless of what the manufacturers of drugs claim, traces of these synthetic chemical compounds remain in your body for a long time and show up in urine analysis tests.

Humiliation and embarrassment
Can you imagine the embarrassment you will have to undergo if you fail in drug tests after you have won the gold medal in an event? Your action might even cause the disqualification of your team if you take part in team events like `baton passing race’, and test positive for drugs. You have to provide the anti doping team with samples of your urine before you participate in major sporting events such as the Olympics. These specialists test your urine using special reagents that are so sensitive that they can detect traces of drugs in your urine even if the quantity of banned substances is 1 in 10,000 parts of your urine.

Do not start celebrating
Many sports-persons celebrate after they have won a sporting event, with the help of synthetic drugs. They do not realize that the urine analyzing experts test their urine several times before the event and for a couple of months after the event too. The organizers of the event will take back the medal that you had won in an event if your urine sample shows traces of drugs a month or so after the event. In such a scenario, the organizers of the event will give your medal to the person ranked just below you in the event. For example, if you have won a gold medal, they will pass it to the individual who won the silver medal.

Do not depend on fake urine
Many manufacturers offer fake urine… a powdery substance that resembles the properties of natural urine after mixing it with water. An increasing number of sports-persons depend on this method to provide a false and drug-free sample of urine to authorities. However, this might not work, particularly if the anti doping organization takes samples of your urine when you least expect it. You will fail even if you use the fake urine powder each time you have to provide a urine sample because it is impossible to recreate the same dilution every time the national anti doping agency (NADA) request you to provide your urine. Anti doping agencies had no methods to check synthetic urine when it first appeared on the market. However, they were able to detect it once they started checking the specific gravity of the urine sample that will differ if you are depending on fake urine.

Do not try to be smart
It is a known fact NADA cannot keep pace with the science of cheating as drug manufacturers introduce new variants of drugs, which evade the tests conducted by the former. However, this does mean that you are safe. The specialists of these agencies regularly search the net for latest performing boosting drugs, test them in their labs, and find ways to detect it. This is why sports-persons whose urine samples tested negative during drug tests conducted before or during a sporting event, test positive in the future. This is exactly what happened with Maria Sharapova, the female lawn tennis legend. The authorities banned her from participating in lawn tennis events for a long time.

What drugs does NADA check for in urine samples?
The NADA checks for drugs classified under different categories such as:
• Anabolic androgenic steroids
• Endogenous anabolic androgenic steroids (when administered exogenously)
• Selective androgen receptor moderators such as ostarine and andarine)
• Clenbuterol
• Zilpaterol
• Zeranol
• Tibolone
• Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents

These are just a few examples as NADA has the capability to test traces of almost all banned drugs. Play safe and do not ruin your career by taking performance enhancing drugs.